Labrotary Equipments


Trade Mark

Fully Automatic Tri-Axial Compression (CU, CD, UU, CK0) Test
Equipment for Soil
Geocomp 1
Tri-Axial and Uniaxial Compression Test Equipment for Soil (with
pore pressure measurement set)
Uniaxial Compression Test Press for Rock (50 Tons) Y.Kaya / TDG 1
Oedometer(Consolidation Test Equipment)(Automatic Data
Wykham Farrance 17
Direct Shear Test Equipment for Soil Kal-Test / ELE 2
Tri-Axial and Uniaxial Compression Test Equipment for Soil Control’s 1
Cyclic triaxial Test Setup for Rock Kal-Test 1
Tensile Strength Test Equipment for Rock (Direct / Unaxial and
Indirect / Brasilian
Kal-Test 1
Compressometer with Radial Measurement (For Modulus of Elasticity
and Poisson’s Ratio of Rock)
Kal-Test 1
Calibration Setup for Displacement Measurement Devices Kal-Test 1
Testbox 1001 Data Acquisition Unıt ( 8 Channel, 8 Hz, 16 Bit, Variable
Tri-Axial Compression Test Systems for Rock Kal-Test 1
Ultrasonic Test Equipment (Vp-Vs Velocities) James-Instruments 1
Point Load Test Equipment ELE 1
Digital Point Load Test Equipment Kal-Test 1
Los Angeles Abrasion Test Equipment Kal-Test 1
Balance (various capacities) O’Haus,Radwag,Densi 8
Air Compressor Komsan, Sarmak 2
Vacuum Pump Value 3
Casagrande ( Liquid Limit) Test Equipment Control’s, Soil Test 4
Sieves Impact ,Control’s 4 set
Automatic Soils Compactor with Standart and Modified Proctor
Y.Kaya / Kal-Test 4 set
CBR Test Equipment ELE 1
Hydrometer Test Systems Soil Test / Yerli Üretim 4
Balance ( 1000kg.) Torsan 1
Permeability Test Set (Falling Head and Constant Head) Y.Kaya 1
Laboratory Hand Vane Impact 1
Pocket Penetrometer Control’s 1
Hydraulic Sample Extruder Y.Kaya Makina 1
Oven (20-50lt) Y.Kaya 5
Other Necessary Laboratory Equipment 1