Supervision and Consultancy Services

Motorway Construction Supervision
Geotechnical Consultancy and Design
Quality Control and
Construction Supervision
Motorway and State Highway Projects
Deep Excavations and
Retaining Structure Projects
Shallow and Deep Foundations
Landslide Investigationsand Remedial Design
Embankment / Excavation Slope
Stability Analysis
Drainage Systems
Soil Improvement Projects
Foundation Reinforcement Projects oundations of Power Plants and Industrial Buildings
Quays, Piers and
Harbour Foundations
Airports (Shelter and building foundations, run way and taxi way subbases)

Laboratory Tests

Rock Mechanics Tests

Natural Water Content
Hydrometer and Sieve Analysis
Atterberg Limits
Specific Gravity of Soils
Natural and Dry Unit Weight
Uniaxial Compression Test
Triaxial Compression Test (UU, CU, CD, CK0)
Direct Shear Test (CU, CD)
Consolidation Test
Swell Ratio and Swell Pressure
Falling and Constant Head Permeability Tests
Laboratory Shear Vane Test
Standard and Modified Proctor
CBR (California Bearing Ratio)

Soil Mechanics Tests

Natural Water Content
Water Absorpsion
Uniaxial Compression Test
Modulus of Elasticity and Poisson Ratio
Triaxial Compression Test
Tensile Strength Test (Direct and Indirect)
Point Load Test
Ultrasonic Test (Vp and Vs Velocities)
Determination of Dynamic Shear Modulus and Damping
Ratio for Rock (Cyclic Compression Test)
Los Angeles Abrasion Test

In – Situ Tests

Standard Penetration Test (SPT)
Conic Penetration Test (CPT)
Dynamic Penetration Test (DPT)
Menard Pressuremeter Test (PMT) Rock
Vane Shear Test
Permeability Test
Packer Test (Lugeon)
Plate Load Test
In Place Compaction Test
(Sand Cone and Nuclear Method)